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Hearing Loss


Get your hearing checked frequently for signs of loss

Should you be screened for hearing loss? People of any age can be screened for hearing loss. Newborn infants are now routinely screened before leaving the hospital. Most preschoolers and school-age children are screened periodically at their schools or in their doctors’ offices. Adults can receive screenings from their doctor.

Close to 8 million people between the ages of 18 and 44 have hearing loss. 14% of those between 45 and 64 have some form of hearing loss. All adults should be screened at least every decade through age 50 and at 3-year intervals thereafter. Camas Hearing Clinic of Camas, WA offers treatment for a diverse range of hearing conditions, such as noise induced hearing loss, age-related hearing loss, hereditary hearing loss, and industrial hearing loss.

Hearing screening and evaluations

Your first visit to an audiologist will start by asking you questions about your medical and hearing history to form a case history. Next, the audiologist will check for anything in the ear canal that might affect the test results or require referral to your doctor.

Finally, the audiologist will conduct a test or series of tests to assess:

  • If there is any hearing loss
  • The cause of hearing loss (to the best possible extent)
  • The degree of hearing loss in one or both ears
  • Treatment options and advice

Complete hearing testing services
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